While it might appear that Virtual Reality technology will only really be beneficial for treating mental health and anxiety issues, this isn’t the case. In fact VR will play a major role in the world of physical therapy too.
From sports injuries to serious burn care, VR will help enhance patient rehabilitation and manage pain. Studies have shown that full VR immersion for those undergoing physical therapy after a skin graft actually causes their pain levels to decrease due to detachment from the real world environment.

The use of Virtual Reality technologies in sports therapy has proven to be very encouraging too.

Beyond helping patients unlearn counterproductive healing strategies and managing their pain levels, VR for physical therapy will enable them to have fun while regaining their strength and mobility. By allowing the patient to work through their prescribed exercises in a virtual environment, their physical therapist can keep them focused and also keep their spirits up, something that is often difficult to achieve when working in the same confined space day after day.

And recently it has been suggested that VR therapy could aid the treatment of patients who have suffered from a stroke.