healthcare startup based in Oshawa

2021-10-23 16:24:55
healthcare startup based in Oshawa

Recovery Tech — is a healthcare startup based in Oshawa, ON who are on their way to becoming a leader in neuro -rehabilitation. With their technologies that combine virtual reality, mixed reality, AR and artificial intelligence, Recovery Tech is  helping patients with neurological disorders recover and return to normal life.

In December of 2019, Recovery Tech participated in Synergy Lab’s Pioneer Program and it was following completion of this program that Recovery Tech was able to accelerate their plans for the creation of a game-based virtual reality solution that enables stroke patients to engage in therapeutic physical exercises for effective rehabilitation.

Recently, Recovery Tech successfully completed clinical trials for this VR therapy device through Tehran University of Medical Science and have begun the registration process. And while Recovery Tech continues to make improvements as well as craft new additions in cooperation with MRC Studio at Durham College, new developments come to light every day. Developments like the joint research that Dr. Afsahi, CEO of Recovery Tech, has been conducting with McMaster University’s Rehabilitation Faculty of Health Science that will soon lead to clinical trials for virtual rehabilitation in patients suffering from stroke as a result of COVID-19. 
Also, while Recovery Tech’s gaming device is currently focused on the recovery of stroke patients, they have recently explored applying this technology to the rehabilitation for other forms of impairment, like sports injuries. As a result, Recovery Tech — in conjunction with the Neuroscience Institute and Sport Medicine Research Centre — has begun research and trials on utilizing virtual reality for shoulder impingement syndrome in athletes.
Clinical trial entitled “Effects of Virtual Reality on the Upper Extremity Spasticity and Motor Function in Patients with Stroke: A Single Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial” has been accepted for “ICVRM 2021: International Conference on Virtual Reality in Medicine” to be held on Sep 23-24, 2021 in Vancouver, Canada.