• The process of rehabilitation is set around the establishment of goals. The first goal to be set is the long term strategic aim.
• Once a realistic and achievable long term goal has been established then the smaller steps needed to achieve that goal are determined.
• The goals must be precise. There is no point in setting vague and subjective goals as neither the rehabilitation team nor the disabled person will be able to monitor where they are in the process.
• A useful mnemonic to remember what the goals should be is SMART:
o Specific
o Measurable
o Achievable
o Relevant
o Time limited
• It is important to emphasize that a key principle of neurological rehabilitation is the close working together of all relevant health professionals. Many neurological rehabilitation teams also need to involve other professionals outside the context of the health service, including engineering.
• The essence of rehabilitation is that individuals go beyond simply working together but blur their own roles and work together in an interdisciplinary fashion.
• This would mean that the goals are set not discipline by discipline but according to the needs and requirements of the disabled individual.