Case presentation#4

2021-11-11 12:47:36
VR Therapy
Case presentation#4

The patient is a 50 year old man who noticed sudden difficulty with speech and weakness on right half of his body after waking up in the morning. He has been suffering from diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia since 8 years ago that partially controlled with medications. Taking a detailed history and performing ancillary testing and neuroimaging revealed acute ischemic stroke in left side of the brain. He underwent the necessary treatments and after discharge was introduced to the outpatient rehabilitation clinic. Virtual reality rehabilitation program with "Recovery Tech specific game" along with conventional therapy were scheduled for ten weeks there. After nine weeks his dysphasia recovered and muscle force of the right side of the body improved dramatically too so that by the end of recovery period he returned to work with a light- duty job.

This case is a 50 year old man presents with left sided acute ischemic stroke and...