Case Presentation #5

2021-11-12 00:03:42
VR Therapy
Case Presentation #5

The patient was referred to the physiotherapy clinic by his neurologist. He was a 47 years old with history of chronic ischemic stroke, complaining of muscle stiffness(spasticity) which interfered with movement of his right upper limb. He entered the rehabilitation program included "Recovery Tech virtual reality game based rehabilitation" , named the clock and balls plus conventional rehabilitation three times a week for eight weeks. The basis of the clock and balls game instruction is to grab the balls of different colors that are showed on the monitor, hold them and throw them into the baskets of the same color at the bottom of the screen. In the first few sessions duo to spasticity he was not able to perform according to the instruction of the game so the physiotherapist had to relocate right side balls on the monitor. Gradually spasticity reduced so much that he continued until the end of the game with less need to adjust the location of the balls. He described participating in the VR therapy as joyful, motivational and highly satisfying.

The patient is a 47 year old man who presents with chronic ischemic stroke and marked spasticity of right upper limb