Recovery Tech Co.

Founded in 2019, Recovery Tech is planning to become a leader in neurorehabilitation with a mission to help patients with neurological disorders to recover and back to normal life by working on neuroscience and new technologies like virtual reality, mixed reality, AR, and artificial intelligence.

Recovery Tech has designed and developed a game-based, Virtual Reality interactive rehabilitation application and hardware, designed to induce specific therapeutic motions that are beneficial for post-stroke rehabilitation. Our design also allows the patient or a clinician to select prescribed activities.

Thanks to our research, clinical trials, and using high-end technology we are developing cutting-edge virtual reality therapy exercises. With over 70 years combined experience in neuroscience technologies and medical device design, sales and marketing, Software (SW) and Application Programming Interface (API) development.

About Our Product

Our product uses a combination of both VR and Microsoft Kinect to create a result so accurately, that our device can be used by even severely impaired users, both recovery from home, or at a rehab center.